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LITHARIAN was founded in 2018 with a humble desire: to find the best of South Australia's grapes and create the finest boutique wine the region has to offer, all while giving back to our community.

Every family's dream starts with a vision. Ours was simple:

Sell great wine.

Take care of our family.

Give back to the special needs community.

With over 700 wineries in South Australia alone, we knew we didn't want to start another winery. But wine was woven into the fabric of our family's lives, from celebrations to hard times, and we always dreamed of someday owning our own wine business. So we did the next best thing, and we created Litharian.

Litharian is a blending of our children's names, Liam, Ethan and Arianny, and they are the best part of Rob and I. The name represents what we do; sourcing and blending the best grapes varietals of South Australia and presenting the best of it to you. The boutique wines our family crafts are made to be shared amidst life's meaningful moments. Celebrations, good times, moments of gravity, and random Tuesdays with friends and family. We want you to drink in all the special moments life has to offer. And know that as you do, our family will be celebrating with you in spirit while we use our business to give back to those around us who need it.



When I was 8, I told my parents I wanted to be a singer. My father said that I should dare to dream because dreaming is the only free thing in this world. He taught me to be a woman who worked hard for what I wanted and to chase my passion with courage and determination. So I did, and along the way, SOUL DIVA was created. This wine brand was inspired by my love for music and will hopefully inspire other women to chase their own dreams and never give up.

Wine is like music, softly shining a unique tune through soft and bold notes and dancing beautifully in sunlight. I guess you could say that women are a lot like wine and music too; powerful, enticing, and often inspiring those who drink them in.

SOUL DIVA Wines represents the best of wine, women and music - full to the brim of both strength and emotion. Every one of our grapes is hand sourced and created to be uniquely beautiful- just like you.  We hope that as you sip our creation and listen, you are empowered to be a light to those around you, to dare greatly, and to conquer your dreams.

Your Soul Diva,